What Essential Marketing Models Are Within Your Strategic Plan?

An executable strategic plan contains a marketing plan that is directly aligned to the sales plan. This essential marketing plan should be based upon proven marketing models.

Marketing experts make lots of money giving advice to businesses because people must know about you and your products or services. My belief as a business coach is to keep it simple. There are three basic models that are easily learned and even easier to implement.

AIDA is the first basic marketing model and is defined as:

  • Attract the attention of your suspects and more importantly your prospects
  • Interest your intended target market
  • Desire for your products or services
  • Action from contacting you or even better buying your products or services

The second marketing model is the 4 or 5 P’s:

  • Product or the What must be included within the marketing
  • Price or Why must be competitive or value added
  • Place or Where must be determined for the greatest exposure
  • Promotion or How is this most effective
  • Performance of the marketing must be measured

The final simple and essential marketing model is the 2 or 3 Q’s:

  • Quality of your products and services
  • Quantity of your marketing messages
  • Qualify your message through use of testimonials

Additionally, by Googling marketing or marketing experts, there is an incredible wealth of information from which to hone your marketing plan or to determine which marketing model best suits your business. Regardless of your business, recognizing the essential marketing strategies that will catapult your business through increased sales is critical if you want to outlast by outperforming your competition.

Essential Marketing Features of Real Estate Websites

As a real estate broker, you get a website designed as you expect it to promote your business interests. The Internet has emerged today as powerful a media as the television or print, making it essential for you to register a forceful presence there. Invariably, you want your website to fulfill your marketing objectives and it must be like that. To make sure that a website delivers on the objectives it is meant for, you need to work with your designer to make sure that all the popular online marketing methods are up there.

You need to put up a Sign up System that enables you to get the visitors’ Email ID. It will let you convey your prospective clients about a new product or service, any incentives you intend to give to the clients or just tipping them on the latest developments in the real estate industry. Ask your designer to design for you a button that is impressive enough to draw people’s attention.

When you get endorsements from your clients, don’t let them stay on your hard disk. You can use them as testimonials on your website. Such testimonials play a big role in persuading your prospective clients to move ahead in dealing with you. Favorable comments by your existing and erstwhile clients do make positive impression of you. And you need not put only the positive comments. A couple of critical comments won’t hurt either. If you’re a big player, you can discuss with your designer if it is possible to give a real time testimonials section on your website.

Newsletters help a lot in branding. You can send in monthly newsletters on the email ID’s you collected on your sign up system. It’ll help you to be on the back of your clients’ mind and when they need your services, they can easily open up the newsletter again and get your contact details. Your web developer provides you with a system which will enable you to send out articles regularly to the clients. As for the content of the newsletters, it could be anything such as how to negotiate a deal or tips on getting a home loan. If your prospective clients regard your newsletters helpful, they’ll definitely take them seriously.

When you go in for an email campaign, it is important to track it as well. Ask your developer to provide you with software that helps you keep tabs on your campaign. It will provide you with all the information you need on the emails to assess your campaign – delivered/not delivered, not opened/opened, subscribed (opt-in), unsubscribed (opt-out), non-existent e-mail ID’s, visits per link, etc.

Make sure that these parameters are incorporated in your property website design. It will enable you make your website development endeavor a success. A real estate website having the essential marketing components will make sure that it effectively promotes your business interests.

Essential Marketing Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Agents

In commercial real estate agency today, you really do need to be the expert when it comes to marketing yourself and also marketing your listings. For this very reason, you need to have an established and solid marketing strategy to apply to your business every day.

They say that you ‘cannot sell a secret’ and the same can be said when it comes to your real estate agency services and your quality listings. The message just has to reach the right people in a consistent ongoing way.

Here are some tips to help you when it comes to your marketing activities as an agent in your local area:

  1. Get plenty of signboards into your sales and leasing territory. As part of that process and as a priority, always pitch for exclusive listings where possible. It is the signboards on exclusive listings that will give you a better market share and a better response from any advertising and marketing activity.
  2. When you have listed any local property for sale or for lease, personally market the property into the local area by meeting with the adjacent and nearby business leaders, and all of the regional property investors. This then says that every listing will be an excuse for you to talk to many other people.
  3. When you have sold or leased a property locally, create a direct mail piece that can be sent to all the local businesses and the local property investors. A few days after the letter has been sent out, get in contact with those people personally through either a door knocking process, or a direct telephone call.
  4. Recognize that you should be or are a local expert in a particular property type. That will help you with understanding your property knowledge, marketing strategies, and local market information. When you brand yourself as the property specialist, the sales presentation and pitch process gets a lot easier. You can talk at a level of experience and knowledge that most other agents can’t. Understand what is going on in the area within your property specialty as it relates to rentals, prices, time on market, recent property enquiry, supply and demand, and business sentiment.
  5. Get to know all of the local franchise groups that could be needing property locally. Those franchise groups may require properties to occupy as part of the expansion of their business model. A lot of leads can be generated from franchise groups locally, but you do need to understand each ideal business case for them to commence occupation. They will have a typical lease that supports occupancy and that will need to be understood as part of your servicing process.
  6. Your online presence should be encouraged through a number of initiatives. Firstly your name should appear on all of your quality listings. Your listings should be refreshed at every opportunity to encourage greater readership. All of your listings should feature in the media and on websites with quality professionally taken photographs. Associate your name with quality listings and creative marketing initiatives.
  7. Create a blog that you can feed with relevant property information and updates. The only cost involved will be your time in the process. Write two or three blogs and load them to your blogging website on a weekly basis. Talk about the changes in the property market and your property specialty. Connect your blog back to your website and also to your properties. The intention here is to provide relevant and useful information to any clients and prospects. Don’t advertise any property on your blog, but rather provide information relevant to sales and leasing activity within the property specialty.

You can add to this list based on your property type and your local area. The important thing is that you develop a solid and a significant marketing process when it comes to your properties and also you personally. That is how top agents build market share.