4 Essential Marketing Principles To Break The MLM Warm Market Barrier

One of the old techniques on how an MLM works is to have distributors draft a list of targeted prospects from their warm market.

Now that you’ve run out of your warm market, how do you build an MLM business beyond your friends and relatives?

The problem with this MLM list is two fold:

1. People might not have the need or the desire to consume the products you’re marketing or just are not interested in the so called ” opportunity” to generate an additional income.

2. If this is the second, third, or even fourth time around you talk to your warm market about another one of your “business ventures”, they have grown immune to your pitch.
Warm market marketing is the hardest market there is. As long as you are not making tons of money, expecting to build a business talking to your friends and family will lead to failure unless you learn how to break out of your limited circle of friends and family and find other prospects for your business.

Your warm market list alone is not going to help you build a residual income business in the long run.

So how should you grow your business?

Go back to marketing principles.

Here are four steps that you would need to master to be able to advance your MLM business beyond the prospecting barrier of your warm market.

1. You must learn to target your market for your products.
Position your products or services in the market place. Define your target market, what are the benefits of consuming your products, what value they bring to an individual. Once you answer these questions, you will be able to identify your potential customer base.

2. You need to deliver the right message to that targeted sector of the market. The “right” message should be the message that solves their problems. This message is based on their own desires and needs, not based on the fact that you would like to make another buck when they purchase your products.

3. You need to facilitate the purchase by basing it on what is the best choice for the consumer, the ease of payment, shipping, follow up and support calls.

4. This prospecting message needs to be delivered to the right targeted audience at the right time based on the consumers’ own time table.

These 4 essential marketing principles bring me to my point on how an mlm works:

Learning about marketing, learning how to market your products is an essential component to building a thriving business in network marketing. This is a grossly understated component in any company sponsored MLM training.

If you were to take what’s being taught in any MLM program and bring it into another field of business, for instance, retailing, those techniques would never stand a chance of surviving.

Can you imagine Coca Cola having its employees draft a list of its employees’ warm market to sell its products to?

A good upline leader who has spent any time studying marketing principles should be able to tell his downline members:

· How /where to find leads for your products/services for not more than 20 cents per lead as opposed to $5, $10, or even $20 for so-called opportunity seekers leads.

· What to say to a lead once you find that prospect based on his needs.

· How to facilitate the purchase for that consumer.

· How to determine if the consumer is ready to make a purchasing decision solely based on the consumer’s own time table.
These basic components should be addressed as you embark to work with your mentor/sponsor in your network marketing company.

In order to break the friends and family barrier, you need to learn how to put the marketing back in network marketing. Develop the skill set of a marketer, learn how to position your products in front of a hungry consumer market that is seeking the very same products you offer.

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The Essential Marketing Element of a Successful Online Business

The most essential marketing component that every business should focus on is their customer value proposition. Just what is a customer value proposition? It is actually consisted of the total benefits which a merchant or his business offers to his clients or customers. It is usually a combination of the benefits that is inherent in the products or services and the additional or unique service or attribute offered by the merchant or company.

Being able to deliver these elements in one compact statement is what makes a value proposition effective in motivating people to buy. Web users visit your site either because they are interested in your product and have the intention of buying or they are actually looking for a product or company which they can rely on. And thus, you need to give them the exact motivation to buy from you.

In creating a value proposition for your business, you should not look at your product or market your product from the inside outwards. Meaning, try not to create a proposition based on your perspective as a merchant but create a proposition based on the needs, wants, and concerns of your prospect buyers. This way, you would know exactly how appeal to their purchasing mood.

Preferably, your proposition must fit in only a few words or sentences and must convey the unique qualities of your company and the products or services it offers. The other pages of the website will then support your value proposition and the various key elements present in your homepage.

Thus, in every online business it is important to first identify the value proposition, one that is effective enough to draw in customers. Next, the value proposition must be delivered clearly within the homepage and possibly in every web page and landing page.

In order to determine the effectiveness of the propositions, each must be used and analyzed. This may probably sound time consuming and not to mention laborious, but if you really want your online business to prosper, then hard work is absolutely required.

With the changing or developing marketing trends, you always have to stay ahead of the game and keep in tip top shape. And despite the many tools that may arise, one thing still remains important- what your company, products, or services uniquely provides, which makes your offer more interesting and worth the time and money spent. It’s what makes people want to buy from your company.

You have to use motivating factors that are inherent in your products or services. If there is none yet, then create one. Surely there is something your company can offer to consumers. Offer incentives or use promotional tactics unique to your company. Of course, employ the ones that are actually beneficial or perhaps something that will keep customers hooked to your site and purchase.

10 Essential Marketing Tactics You Need to Know to Find Your Ideal Clients

Women in business must determine an ideal client in order to be effective in business. That’s a pointed yet powerful truth that not enough women in business understand how to turn into action. A big hint is that most people work with people who are in their own market area. This is the group you will feel comfortable with because you live with these people. They represent people in your neighborhoods, your church, community center, shopping centers and school. You speak their language, know their worries and the goods they buy and foods they eat. Here are 10 essential marketing tactics you need to know to find your ideal clients.

1. Target markets: A target market is the specific group of people who need and want what you have to sell through your business or other organization. This target market comes from the larger population which means you have to know what this group looks like so you can market to meet their needs. A great thing about having your own business is that you can decide the type of person you want to work with everyday. You even have the privilege of deciding if you will continue to work with certain customers or not. Focus on who your ideal client will be so you can begin attracting them to your business starting with your business planning process.

2. Market Segments: No business can serve “everyone”. Even mega stores have a target market group. To be able to really attract clients, you have to focus your efforts on the people you can actually serve and who actually want what you have to offer. A way to start focusing in on your particular market is to understand how needs, wants, and desires or demands of a target market motivates them to want what you have to offer. Examine each of these areas for further understanding.

3. Buying Motivation: People make buying decisions for specific reasons. Most of these are driven by the basic aspects of motivation which addresses the felt needs, wants and desires a person experiences. These factors are based on a person’s value system as well as their personal and social background and experiences. Motivation is what drives a person to get something that is lacking in their life for any particular reason by responding to their needs, wants and demands.

4. Needs: People are motivated by unsatisfied needs. Needs and wants are quite similar. Needs are things people must have such as food, clothing and shelter. While the form that these needs are delivered in might matter, the bottom line is that people need these items. For instance, if a person is really thirsty they need water. They can drink that water from water coming from a tap or if possible, purchase water out of bottle to drink. The bottom line is satisfying the need.

5. Wants: Wants are things that people may need, but they put particular criteria on what will cause satisfaction when they get those things. For instance, everyone needs shelter. Having a roof over your head would meet the primary need. A want brings in certain criteria. You might want to live in a place that has a lot of windows and is situated on the oceanfront and won’t be satisfied until your want is met.

6. Demands: Demands sharpen the area of needs and wants to a more specific level of motivation. Demands or desires are influenced by aspects of life such as income, social status, location or living conditions and similar factors. Depending on these variances, a person may not want to just drive in a convenience or compact car. They may demand a luxury high-end vehicle that can take care of their needs and give them the status that they want. This is the same kind of thing to look at in your business. People will demand certain types of services and products. They might even demand a certain atmosphere or ambiance within the business that makes them feel that they are getting their money’s worth.

7. Demographics: The term demographics relates to the study of measurable characteristics of a group of people. These characteristics include gender, age, income, marital or relationship status, geographic area (where they live), religious or spiritual background, language, lifestyle, ethnicity or culture, generation. You can actual take a count of how many people are in each group. In fact, this has already been done; it’s called Census Data.

8. Economic Status: Economic status involves the exchange of money. People are divided into different economic groups with the most common being actual financial income brackets. This includes the overall access to money. The basic economic groups in society include the lower class, upper lowers, the working class, middle class, upper middle class, lower upper class, and the upper, upper class.

9. Psychographics: Psychographics are the psychological or mental and emotional concepts that divide groups of people based on social class, lifestyle, and personality characteristics. It looks at how people think about things. It determines the type of books or magazines they read, where they shop, how much money they will spend and so on. You will know what brings satisfaction to their purchasing decisions.

10. Client Values: Think of your personal and business values. Then decide what type of values you want your clients to have. These can include the value of self care, the value of paying on time, understanding the need to spend money to build a business. Also look for spiritual values, creative expression, family and relationship styles, recognition, esteem, and health and safety values. You want to work with people who have similar values as you.

Now, determine your ideal client by putting these tactics into action. By reviewing these steps you should be thinking of a target group that you would like to work with in your business. Get a visual picture in your mind of the type of person who will come into your store, call you for coaching or consulting, or be on the other end of the website in your online business. This is an important step in narrowing in on your ideal business client. When you decide on your target market as well as the specific niche you will serve within that target market, you take the initial steps needed to know how to draw the interest of your market to your business.